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Westminster Homecare

Companions of London want to offer a comfortable home life for anyone living in Westminster and London who wishes to remain at home but needs help with undertaking everyday activities. Our homecare services offer independence and control over the care that you receive.

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We understand that each of our clients is an individual with particular needs and preferences to how they wish to be treated. Our carers will work closely with you to design a care plan that provides details to the carer and yourself about how we can best provide for your care needs.

Local life 

Eldеrlу care 





Lіfе in Westminster

Westminster is considered as the political, religious and royal hub of London and the country. This is reflected by the existence of remarkable statues and huge government buildings in this area.

During weekdays, this region is crowded with workers of the civil service. However, at weekends, the place is packed with tourists visiting the popular sights here.

Westminster Homecare

Some of the highlights in this area include the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms, Banqueting House and Tate Britain. The culture of Westminster is unique and not reflected in any other corporate or business environment.

Westminster also has plenty of culture to offer. You can find the famous National Gallery on Trafalgar Square. Here you can admire many famous paintings - For Free! Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh is among its most famous.

In south Westminster, you can visit Tate Britain. Among other work, you can admire many paintings by Turner. Lastly, Westminster Abbey Museum is located in the cellar of the Westminster Abbey.


Westminster is not best known for its shopping. However, the area still boasts some absolute gems. You'll find speciality shops such as a bookbinder's shop. These sit alongside big department stores and modern shopping centres, as well as delightful fresh food markets.

Victoria Street is the main shopping hub of the neighbourhood. Between Victoria Underground Station and the crossing with Buckingham Gate, you'll discover shops such as House of Fraser, Muji LK Bennett and more.

Pubs, Cafes and Restaurants 

You'll find great restaurants and cafes in Westminster. There are also many traditional pubs in the neighbourhood which are its true draw.

Cafés and tea shops

Head to Regency Café on Regency Street for the best English breakfast in London. The beautifully prepared eggs, sausages, hash browns, beans and toast, are worth waiting in line for.

Whittard of Chelsea on Buckingham Palace Road is a cute tea shop providing a wide variety of teas.


The Albert on Victoria Street is a great traditional pub. It was constructed in 1862 and named after Queen Victoria's husband.  This is the place to come if you wish to try a real British ale.

Another classic pub is The Speaker on Great Peter Street. Its interior has a truly authentic English feel. It is decorated with dark wooden furniture. 

Morpeth Arms on Millbank is another famous public house. It dates back to 1845, and has a cellar that's supposedly haunted!

What tо Sее & Do іn Westminster 

There are almost too many iconic landmarks in Westminster to visit. However, there are some you simply should not miss.

You can see the world-famous Houses of Parliament and Big Ben from many locations in the neighbourhood, but be sure also to visit them up close!

Westminster Abbey across the square is beautiful, both from the inside and out.

For these, and many more reasons, people who live in Westminster want to remain independent and to live at home. We offer Westminster homecare to help you do just that.

Home care services for the elderly

In the United Kingdom, people live longer and live healthy for longer periods of time. In fact, people aged over 65 are the sector of the population which is increasing at the fastest rate. Because of this, the home care and healthcare sector continue to grow.

Elderly Care Westminster

Elderly care encompasses the care concerns of the frail and elderly. Frailty is a condition that is characterised by chronic functional impairment in one or more of the six activities of daily living that require the help of another person.

These activities include bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, transferring, and using the bathroom. And since the frail elderly are incapable of doing such activities, they need elder care services. Contact us today for home care services for the elderly.

Homecare near me 

Home help services can help improve the quality of life for elderly people as well as for caregivers. When you decide that you require additional care, it is essential that you know the different types of care services available. This will help you find eldercare services in your area that will help meet your specific needs.

Our homecare providers offer a range of services. These include help with the following:

These services are provided in response to the individual needs of elderly or vulnerable adults. That is why you have to know your specific requirements to determine the appropriate elder care service for you.

So, if you want to try any care services, you can either research care companies or hire care privately. However, there is one very convenient option that you can choose. That is to contact Companions of London and let us find the perfect care provider for you.

Sometimes a loved one will require home help but not be willing to accept it. Breaking down the resistance may be difficult. It is usually the responsibility of a family member to try to help the person embrace the change. 

Having an honest chat with the person is essential. You can address his or her needs and help them overcome their fears.  Presenting the need for home care depends on:

Making an assessment of the kind of support needed and analysed what agencies or services meet them best

Allowing the person to speak up about their doubts and fears 

Understanding preferences of the type of care  services they require

Asking friends or family to help make a decision and persuade 

Not giving up if they are unwilling at first. Wait for the next suitable opportunity to discuss the issue again

You can read more about our care services and contact us if you have questions. We offer the highest standards for homecare in the Westminster area.

Agencies for elderly home care 

There are many reasons for domiciliary care or home care. This is available for those who do not have able caregivers around them in times of medical needs. We can introduce you to the best agencies for elderly home care in Westminster.

Homecare is usually assumed to be undertaken by one of the family members. This is usually when a loved one falls quite sick or is on recuperation after a serious operation.

But it is not surprising that many homes are unequipped to offer domiciliary care. This is because there is an extensive range of personal needs of both the patient and care giver.

The care giver is usually not trained to undertake the huge responsibility for long. It is hard to offer the best of support and medical services to sick or recuperating individuals even in one's home.

Dоmісіlіаrу Services 

Domiciliary care is very demanding as it involves up to 24-hour support to the patient. It could involve the simple step of a quick health check on the patient's condition to a meticulous bath and feeding activity.

Companions of London is your best choice when looking for Domiciliary care providers in Westminster and London. We offer skilled and trained care staff to care for vulnerable adults on various aspects. Below are the list out of our domiciliary services:

Laundry and ironing

Dusting and Vacuuming

Meal preparation

Bathroom and Kitchen cleaning

Household administration and paying bills

Weekly shopping

Bеnеfіtѕ оf in home elderly care

Elderly people may usually find it difficult to carry their ADL (activities of daily living - eating, bathing, dressing, transferring, using the toilet and walking) out with all their stamina fading with their age. In home elderly care is shown to be the first choice for people in need of care.

And their working sons or daughters find minimum time to tend to their needs. This is where these Companions of London come in handy.

When hired, our carers take the whole responsibility of aiding the elderly in almost all of their ADL and also in times of illness.

The best benefit of hiring your domiciliary care provider is that all the aids mentioned above are done at their respective residences. This is without having to move out of their 'Home sweet home'.

There is also no restriction for visitors which helps the elderly to stay attached to their loved ones. Another benefit is that it can lead to a stress-free and happy life and do not have to adapt to any new procedures or routines.

The next significant advantage of your care is the flexibility to provide service at any time. Contact us today for Westminster homecare.

Help with Dementia in Westminster

Some diseases are hard to diagnose. This is especially true with dementia as it strikes mostly elderly patients. So the condition is often mistaken for memory loss associated with ageing. The signs and symptoms may go unnoticed or even be explained away.  

Dementia is a deadly brain disease for which forgetfulness is the most obvious symptom. While the options for the patient and family may look bleak, a home care agency may be the right choice.

Dementia Care Westminster

No End in Sight

Alzheimer's disease is the most common type of dementia in older people. Sadly, several other types can strike without warning.

Doctors and researchers aren't exactly sure what causes the condition. But they do know that it is far more likely to affect the elderly. This is bad news for the UK.

Costs Are Rising

We have an ageing population, and health care costs are high. It is more expensive than ever to look after a person who has dementia, a disease with no known cure.

It begins as simple forgetfulness, but will invariably progress into a more debilitating disorder over time. A perfectly healthy elderly individual can go from forgetful to incapable of caring for himself in only a few short years.

This happens because certain areas of the brain are damaged as a result of the disease. Dementia can cause a whole host of problems, including impulse and motor control issues.

Along with the human toll, the disease also adversely affects the economy. According to medical professionals, it takes three non-disabled adults to care for every dementia patient. This includes doctors, nurses, orderlies, or home health aides. In most cases, of course, the primary caregivers are relatives. In other situations, families can arrange for full-time care.

A care plan for Dementia

Most families use a combination of full-time care and part-time care services. With that being said, you should not attempt to look after a person living with dementia all on your own.

The patient must be watched 24/7/365. At any time of the day or night, they could wander out of their home or apartment and get lost or injured. It is usually too much responsibility for any single person to take on.

The good news is that help can be provided as needed. If your loved one needs regular transportation to the hospital, a bus can pick them up.

Companions of London are the leading provider for Westminster homecare. You can also hire us to have an aide come by several hours a day, while you are at work. That way, the responsibility of caring for your elderly relative can be shared by our several qualified professionals.

Local help in the Westminster area

Westminster City Council is located in the heart of London. It contains some of the most recognisable landmarks in the UK. For this reason, services need to be provided to over 95% of all visitors to London. This is along with its 250,000-plus residents.

Local government in the area has undergone some profound structural and philosophical changes in recent times. Here, we are going to be looking to describe some local help organisations in Westminster and London for vulnerable adults.

Thе South Westminster Lеgаl Advісе Centre

The South Westminster Legal Advice Centre provides free legal advice to those who would otherwise be unable to afford it. The team of legal advisers can assist you with a wide range of problems. Areas that we advise on include: Civil Litigation, Consumer, Crime, Landlord & Tenant, Housing, Personal Injury and Family

The Cardinal Hume Centre

The Cardinal Hume Centre enables people to gain the skills they need to overcome homelessness and poverty. The Centre gives the support needed for disadvantaged local people to realise their full potential. The Centre focuses on four areas of need: income, education, housing and legal status.

Thе Agе UK Grоuр

The Age UK Group provides a wide range of products and services to the over 50s. These are developed to address the concerns of this age group in mind. Age UK London Trading is a trading name of Age Concern London Trading Limited.

Age Concern London Trading Limited is an Appointed Representative of Age UK Enterprises Limited. This is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The main aim of the group is Income Maximisation for the vulnerable and elderly residents in Westminster. However, the project consists of only two officers who have to cover the whole borough.

The Partnership with Department of Work and Pension enables the officers to have access to a DWP database. This is to screen individual's income before giving the appropriate advice and taking necessary action, i.e. home visits to complete the benefits forms.

The Citizens Advice Bureau Service

The Citizens Advice Bureau Service offers free, independent and confidential advice not limited to vulnerable adults. It started out in 1939 as an emergency service and has since evolved into a professional national agency.

The CAB gives advice and helps solve problems, including debt and consumer issues, benefits, housing, legal matters, employment, and immigration.

Advisers can help write letters, fill out forms, negotiate with creditors and represent clients at court or tribunal.

Westminster Housing Options Service

Westminster Housing provides Housing options for older people.


We have helped many elderly and vulnerable adults find the perfect care for their needs. Find out what our clients have to say about our Westminster homecare services.

I have been thoroughly pleased with the services provided by Companions of London. My Auntie was becoming very unhappy in her nursing home but requires 24-hour care. When I called Robert, he explained that we could still receive help whenever we needed it at home. We were concerned that she may not be well enough to stay at home, but the helpful staff that Robert put us in touch with explained everything carefully. We organised for care staff to help my Auntie with jobs around the house throughout the day and I continued the care over the evening and night. I no longer need to worry about her falling while she is alone in the house.


When my mother became too forgetful for my father to look after her, we were pleased to find out that we could arrange for care to be provided at home. It is a much more comfortable environment for her than a care home and she couldn't be happier. We have been very impressed with the help offered by Robert and his team throughout the past few months. I was more than happy to write this positive review following the care and customer care we received.

Mr and Mrs Peterson

Our elderly parents have been too frail to go on holiday for many years. We found out about Companions of London through a friend who told us about their holiday companions service. They arranged for my Mother and Father to go on holiday to the coast for the first time in over 10 years. They could not stop talking about how easy it was and how much they enjoyed their break away. The care team arranged wheelchair-friendly transport and ensured that the hotel room was adequate for wheelchair accessibility. We would like to say thank you for all of your help.

Trevor and Sue

When my Father first was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, myself and my brothers were able to take turns in helping out around the home. But once he began to get worse, we understood that we needed some extra help. We found the staff at Companions of London to be fully qualified and helpful in all of the home help that they offered. They would do the shopping each week, help my Father get dressed and washed and they also prepared meals each day. We were so glad of the help that we received.


My Mother was overjoyed when she learned that she would not have to move into a care home following her operation. She needed help around the clock and I was unable to be there as much as I wanted to. We arranged for Companions of London to send us a carer to help with jobs around the house. My Mother looked forward to their visit each day and felt like she made a real friend. She is living with all of her belongings around her now and is local enough for her friends and family to pop in when we can.


We have an elderly family member who became unable to look after themselves after they were diagnosed with dementia. We looked at many care homes but we felt that he would be much happier in familiar surroundings at home. We now have a regular home care staff visit him daily to offer friendship and help with the jobs that he can't do. The carer spoke to us about the effects of dementia and helped us understand the type of care plan required. We are now very pleased with the care we received.

Mary and Dave

Live in care costs for elderly 

Live in care costs for elderly will depend on the amount of care that you require. You will usually find that home care is significantly less expensive than moving into a care home. For this reason many people choose in home elderly care. 

Ask us today about homecare near me and we can introduce you to a care provider that can discuss your individual care plan and costs involved.

Our domiciliary care services are designed to help our clients maintain an independent and full lifestyle throughout Westminster and London. Our fully trained and experienced staff can provide assistance with a wide range of household activities which may have become too difficult for our client who may be elderly, disabled or suffering from illness.

Our elderly home care services in Westminster and London include:

  • Laundry and ironing
  • Meal preparation
  • Household administration and paying bills
  • Dusting and Vacuuming
  • Bathroom and Kitchen cleaning
  • Weekly shopping

Let us know about your individual requirements and we can create a bespoke care plan to meet you specific requirements.

Elderly home care In Westminster and London

Companions of London provide the help required for a comfortable home life for anyone living in Westminster and London who wants to remain at home but requires help with managing everyday activities.

If you, or someone that you know may benefit from full or part time assistance by one of our expert caring home help providers then call us today on 020 3519 8001 or send us your details by completing our contact form.