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Thursday 12th of October 2017

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Respite Care

We understand how difficult it can be for someone who provides full time care for a friend or family member. It can often feel like you are isolated and that you have no spare time to look after yourself and your own well being. We offer respite breaks for carers throughout London.

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Companions of London offer respite care services to help carers to take a break from caring and take time off to pursue your own hobbies, interests or just to take time to relax. It is important for carers to take time away from caring as it can become stressful and tiresome. When someone gets too overworked, it can be easy to make mistakes and not provide the best care services for your loved one.

Respite care services

Companions of London want to offer carers the chance to take a break from caring and return fully refreshed.  This will ensure  that you are able to engage fully in your caring duties with revitalised energy and a fresh mind. Companions of London are here to provide respite carers for those in need. Revitalise your mind with our leading and trusted respite care agency.

We offer carers the confidence to take a day off, a long weekend or a holiday of several weeks and know that the person that they care for is in safe hands. It can sometimes be difficult to pass the responsibility of care onto somebody else. Our fully trained and experienced workers will help make the transition as easy as possible. Whether you are looking for regular or short term respite care our team can provide you with the service which is best for your needs.

Our carer will work closely with you as a carer and the person that you provide care for. We will get to understand your daily routine and the specific needs of the person that requires care.  So you can leave confident in the care services that we offer.

In home respite care

Companions of London provide respite care services for the elderly throughout London. Please call us today on 020 3519 8001 for further information.

Using our knowledge and experience throughout our years as care service providers we are able to provide the best care for you and your loved ones. We provide respite care for children, the elderly, the care giver and adults with disabilities.