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Companions of London

Your care is our care

Tuesday 18th of December 2018

Phone Number: 020 3519 8001

Email Address: [email protected]

Our Vision

At Companions of London we believe in providing the best care for older people in London. We aim to be the leading provider of high-quality elderly care and to always improve the quality of life for all our clients. 

We provide introductions to care services that specifically affect elderly and disabled people. In addition to providing the best care for your loved ones, we are also seen as a premier source of accurate information. Our website provides information on a variety of topics, such as ageing issues.

Our Values

At Companions of London we have a very bold vision for elderly people that are in need of premium at home care. That is why the care that we recommend provide the best service and value to the work that they do on a daily basis.

Our care team works together to provide exceptional care. This includes everyone from our local owners to our staff and caregivers. Our values include the following:

  • Bring your passions every dау
  • Own your results
  • Lоvе what уоu dо
  • Drіvеn bу еxсеllеnсе

At Companions of London we always strive to provide our patients and their families with the best services. We are always striving to achieve more, and we believe that people should be provided with the best in home care that they can get. We want to make a difference for the loved ones in your family. This is why we are always available to help.

Why Choose Companions of London

There are many reasons why Companions of London should be your first choice when it comes to in home care. Our carers believe that monitoring is essential to provide the best care for your needs.

Yоu Arе in Charge

You can discuss the level of home care which is available to you. Our system is designed to provide elderly people with all the help and assistance they need. This gives you complete control of your home care.


Carers will always monitor you throughout your entire period. This ensures continued and personalised contact. We can also follow this up with various contact as well as home visits.

Trained Carers

All our carers are fully trained, giving you peace of mind that your loved one is always in good hands. This means that at Companions of London you always get the best care as well as a friendly environment where you are taken care of at your home. 

Tailored Tо Your Nееdѕ 

We offer a service that is tailored to your needs. You know that people are not the same and they need individualised elderly care. We can introduce you to in home care, respite care or even full-time care around the clock. We provide introductions to the support you need.

We have an older people care program that is flexible and can be changed according to your unique needs. Our carers will develop a  program will work with you and your loved ones. This will provide you with the best assistance that you need on a regular basis. We work throughout the following areas of London.

  • Westminster
  • Islington
  • Barnet
  • Hammersmith
  • Camden
  • Kensington
  • Southwark
  • Havering
  • Fulham
  • Chelsea

For more information about our elderly care program, please don't hesitate to get in touch.