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Elderly Home Care Services in London

At some point in your life, you may realise that you require elderly home care. This type of home care is available to help you manage your daily routines so that you can remain living in your home. A home care assistant can help you with household cleaning, preparing meals or personal care. Each person has individual requirements which will need to be attended to.

What is Senior Home Care?

Senior home care is about promoting independence. You will be looked after by highly trained staff who will visit you at home for a few hours up to 24 hour full live-in care. The amount of care that you require will depend on your individual needs.

Senior home care is offered to people who are beginning to find it difficult to manage all of their daily jobs at home. Most people would like to stay living in their own home instead of moving to a care home. For this reason, senior home care can help manage the tasks that you are no longer able to complete by yourself.

Elderly Home Care in London

Do I need Senior Care?

If you are living in your own home and require help with cleaning, getting dressed or producing meals, then you may require senior care services. Call us today for a friendly chat to discuss your care needs, and we will help you find the care services to suit you.

By arranging for senior care at home, you will have complete control over the care services that you require. You may need help to recover from a medical condition and require temporary home care. You may only require someone to help with some domestic cleaning or meal preparation for an hour a day.

Whatever your care requirements, we can match you to friendly and experienced care staff that can help you remain independent at home.

Do you require Elder Care Services?

Many complex problems effect elderly people throughout London. We can help you find the care services to make your life more comfortable. If you or a loved one requires care at home, our elder care services can help you maintain dignity in old age.

Companions of London offer elderly home care to clients throughout the London area. We offer an introduction service to match your care needs with care providers near you.

Research shows that most people would prefer to remain living at home rather than relocating to a care home. For this reason, our care agency will help you find the dedicated care that will allow you to remain at home.

In many instances, a few hours of elder care in the home can make it possible to continue living in familiar surroundings. If you require any amount of domiciliary care or specialised care such as Alzheimer's care, then contact our helpful staff today.

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