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Tuesday 17th of April 2018

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Holiday Care Companions for People who are Disabled or Elderly

A holiday can be a welcome and exiting break for someone who is disabled or elderly or who requires care assistance. It may seem like too much of an effort, however when you consider the work involved. Holiday care companions can offer the help you require while travelling, so you can enjoy accessible travel with a carer.

Holiday Care Companions

What are travel companions?

Travel companions accompany you while you are on holiday to offer company and care while enjoying a break. Companions of London offer people who wish to go on holiday the help of one of our professional carers. The carer that we provide can help you to make all the necessary arrangements for you to travel abroad or within your own country.

Our helpful staff can ensure that all the transport is suitable for providing a comfortable and safe journey for your requirements. This includes travel to the airport, accessibility requirements, getting to your destination and the disability or accessibility facilities offered by your accommodation.

Finding accessible holidays

Whether you are disabled or elderly, you can still enjoy an accessible holiday in the UK or abroad. Our holiday companions will travel with you and can stay within your accommodation so that whenever you require our assistance we are available to help. A holiday companion is also a friend to share your experiences with and provide engaging company so that you will never feel alone while travelling.

The services that a holiday companion provide include:

  • Travel Organisation
  • Accommodation Arrangements
  • Medication Administration
  • Entertainment According to your Abilities
  • Accessibility for Travel
  • Part or Full Time Care Whilst on Holiday
  • Help with Walking or Pushing your Wheelchair
  • Enjoyable and Rewarding Company

Whether you want to take part on a cruise ship holiday or stay in a hotel or local accommodation abroad, our helpful care companion will be there to assist with any difficulties that may arise.

Travel with our flying companion 

A flying companion will accompany you on holiday in the UK or abroad. The holiday carer will provide adequate services according to your specific needs and abilities so that your holiday experience is fulfilling and comfortable throughout.

Companions of London provide holiday care companions services for clients throughout London. Please call us today on 020 3519 8001 for further information.