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Frequently asked questions about respite care

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Frequently asked questions about respite care

Frequently asked questions about respite care

Do you need a break?

The physical and emotional stress of caring can take their toll on your health, your wellbeing and your relationships. Here we answer some of the most common questions about care, so that you can access the rest and respite your need.

What is respite care?

Respite care is a type of short-term care that allows you as a carer some time away from your caring duties to have a rest or go on holiday.

What sort of respite care is there?

Respite care can take many forms, from a friend popping in once a week so that you can do an exercise class, to a prolonged period of residential respite to allow you to take a holiday.

  • Family and friends: Friends and family can sit with your loved one, so that you get a little time to yourself.
  • Residential care: A short period in a care home can provide respite.
  • In-home carers: Caregivers can come into the home and provide care and support. You can tailor the amount of care needed from a few hours to live-in twenty-four hour assistance.
  • Overnight home care: Carers can supervise at night, this can be helpful in dementia when your loved one’s sleep cycle may be disturbed
  • Day care: Adult day centres can provide regular respite during the week.
  • Holiday care: You can take a break away either with your loved one, or apart.

I’m fine at the moment, when should I start organising respite?

Start respite early before you reach breaking point. By allowing yourself regular time away to rest, exercise or get together with friends you can help maintain your own health and wellbeing. That way you can ensure you stay well enough to care for your loved one for as long as possible.

I need a rest but I can’t leave my partner, are there options for me?

An in-home carer could help with many of the practical chores, take some of the strain from your shoulders and allow you to enjoy quality time with your loved one.

Alternatively consider a holiday together. Specialist providers organise trips to allow the carer to rest and recover while all their loved one’s care needs are carefully addressed.

Can I get funding help with respite care?

You can ask your local authority for a carer’s assessment. They’ll look at the way the care you provide is impacting on your health, lifestyle and wellbeing. They’ll work out if you are eligible for financial support or practical assistance, which could cover periods of respite care.

How can I arrange a carer for respite care?

There are many ways to find and employ a carer. You could look for a private carer, use a care agency, use your local authority’s services or search through an introductory agency.

The best way for you and your loved one will depend on your budget and how much control and responsibility you want. Each system has positives and negatives see our Employing a Carer article to explore these in more detail.

Can I get respite care in an emergency?

Emergency care may be available through social services if you have been assessed as having an eligible need. Also some care agencies may be able to provide support at short notice. In many ways, this is why it is important to get respite sorted as early as possible.

By building up a relationship with a carer, they can continue to provide care for your loved one as needed in the future. You will have the reassurance that they are with someone you both know and trust.

I’d like to know more, what do I do next?

You can find out more by looking at the rest of the articles on this website or by checking out:

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